Connect your community with powerful third party apis. Twitch, Youtube, Riot, Battlefield, custom Minecraft json pages (i.e pvp stats) can be used to strengthen your social identity.
Develop a clan or brand identity. AT SLAYER works with artists to produce strong logos and unique designs/ideas that work for your community. Whether you are an e-gaming group or Minecraft server - design coupled with the experience of successful artists allow you to define yourself in an over saturated network of gaming communities.
Our price point is gamer friendly. With a 'pay per page' rate, understanding the development costs is simple. AT SLAYER works with your budget to help you get the most value - Low and high budget projects accepted. $140 for the base theme + $50 per developed page. AT SLAYER is the top Enjin website designer with the best reputation - Ask around or simply check out the threads on Enjin to see some free code threads. Contact Form / Home