The people that bring you things like buildings, bridges and even mountains.

Builders...BUILD things.


Owner: Carnage

Logo Artist: Studios Zen

NEM is a new e-gaming community with a strong focus on competition / media.  Carnage came to me with an ambitious project, and I am glad he had so much energy for this!  It is awesome when the site owner really wants something different / unique for themselves (I love the challenge).

NEM utilizes the twitch api, enjin api, youtube api, various module harvests and my custom data center (custom site json trees).

Here are my personal favourite features:

The Home page gallery

As seen in the main header image of this post, there is a pretty custom gallery(code less).  This gallery is built from the bootstrap carousel, manipulated with jquery and made simple via the data center.

The news page

The news page uses the enjin api, whereas the home page is just a module harvest.  We are using pagination from the api to dictate how many articles are displayed per page.  Just like the home page, we show a quick view video button for posts with videos, while not losing the link functionality of the thumbnails.

Forum API Features

The forum was in fact heavily styled / manipulated, but the coolest feature is the use of the enjin api.  Now, these features only display if you are logged in, but it is still very cool.  If a streamer is online, you can get your stream popup right in the forums (checks every minute).  You can also view the gt of the said user...which is pretty convenient for those clans having difficulty connecting due to enjin id ≠ gt.

I can write an essay on the features put into this site, but you really gotta check it out for yourself...or join their community!


Site Owner: Rene

This site was a blitz, Rene really required a site done in 4 days....No joke.  Luckily Hyrealm already had some fantastic maps, an amazing logo and an already very active community base.  The Server data is pulled from mcapi, while the rest of the content is done via various module harvests.  Overall, we achieved the colorful branded look we wanted to achieve.

Check this community out, a lot of great people.

The Drunken Gentleman Now that is what I call a sexy website

Just a fun mobile responsive page on the Enjin network. 

Some features:

- Uses the 'data center', the admins never need to code to update it.

- The music player is a custom html5 player that loads music playlists from a javascript array (and loops once started).

- Uses scroll spy for tracking page position

- Custom module harvests mixed with data center to produce unique enjin data outputs (i.e the automated roster with optional bios)

If you like anime, check these guys out!

Maxim tag Great design! Love it, simple but great.

A real time solution for those using enjin connected MC servers.  Multiple applications and ease of use, perfect for anyone craving real-time player counts...anywhere.


Owner: Mayleen

Warfare is a WoW guild with a super cool raiding community.  By the looks of their forums, they take raiding seriously but they all maintain the power of friendship!

This was my first WoW community, thanks to the Warfare people for being so patient with my many questions.  They really are a great group of people - Check them out if you love WoW.

Cool site features:

- Auto populating gallery based on news images.

- News + RSS unique display

- Raid status popup, harvesting enjin modules

- Unique member page with recruitment integration (again enjin module(s) harvest)

Another well deserved feature, if you have not checked out their site, do  It was a fun project, made even more amazing via the ideas of the site owner / the logo created by Nade (see original blog post for artist / owner credit)

Here is the enjin feature post:

Here is the original website design post: